7 Weirdest Murder Weapons of All Time

There’s no denying murder is a horrifying act, and the notion that someone can do that to another human is abhorrent. Moral compass aside, however, murder is really interesting. There’s a reason the media and public respond to serial killers with such interest. There’s an inherent morbid curiosity contained within most human beings and serial killers or weird murder weapons are something we find both fascinating and repulsive. 

Here is a list of the top seven weirdest murder weapons ranging from the ‘okay I can kinda see how that works’ to the ‘I’m sorry they used what?!’

Number Seven: A Chess Board

You might now be thinking that a chessboard is a pretty bizarre object to manage to beat someone to death. Especially considering they’re only on average about twice as thick as a normal piece of cardboard; but this chessboard is the exception.

According to a 14th century Viking legend, two Norsemen, Faber and Sowden engaged in a “friendly” game of chess—using a heavy ancient chessboard and pieces made of stone. Do you see where this is going yet?

stone chessboard, weird murder weapon

Things swiftly turned from friendly to angry as testosterone and chess pieces began flying. As all humans apparently degenerate into five-year-olds when losing is involved, they began throwing pieces before Sowden, losing all sense of rationality completely, picked up the chessboard and bashed Faber over the head with it, killing him instantly.


Number Six: Stiletto Heel

We’ve all been there; your partner won’t shut up, you’re drunk and in a bad mood and soon heated words fly. Things escalate, people start screaming and crying, and soon you have no choice other than to stab them to death with the stiletto heel of your shoe. 

Stiletto Heel murder

I’m going to assume I lost you at some point around the stabbing. But that’s exactly what Texan (of course) Ana Trujillo did in 2013 when her Swedish partner Alf Stefan Anderson and she got into a fight that culminated in her stabbing him 25 times in the head with her 5-and-a-half-inch stiletto. Her claims of self-defence were ignored, although that it was a drunken argument goes a long way to explaining why someone stabs someone with a shoe.


Number Five: Prosthetic Leg

This one goes on this list for sheer determination; in 2010, Debra Hewitt of Louisiana killed her boyfriend by beating him to death with a prosthetic leg. Did I mention it was her own leg she used? That’s right, this woman detached her own leg and whilst standing on the other proceeded to beat her boyfriend to death with it. 

weird murder weapons

If that wasn’t creepy or just plain crazy enough, it turns out her nickname was “Angel” leading to her being known as the “Angel of Death.” I don’t know about you, but the sheer force of will behind that is scary enough, although not quite as weird as being killed with an everyday item such as….


Number Four: A Dessert Spoon

I’m not talking about some novelty version of a dessert spoon or an ancient and heavy version like the chessboard. There’s no catch here; somebody died because another person hit them over the head with a regular, everyday spoon.

death by spoon

Richard Clare escaped from a drug rehab centre in Hertfordshire in the early 2000’s. He immediately decided the most sensible course of action would be to chase down an old friend of his Timothy Magee and demand money from him. When the disabled Magee refused, Clare, for reasons best known to himself, whacked Magee over the head with a dessert spoon. This sounds like something you might do whilst chastising an obstinate child, but in this case it ruptured an artery in the back of Magee’s head leading to fatal bleeding.

Be careful next time you eat ice cream kids, any spoon could be a murder weapon!


Number Three: An Umbrella

I’m obliged to mention that being British, the next on this list is my personal favourite. This next murder is so James Bond espionage-esque that I can’t help but love it. Throw in politics and finely dressed men carrying umbrellas, what more could a Brit want? 

deadly weapon umbrella

These guys weren’t British, but the murder took place in London, which is close enough.

The murder victim, Georgi Markov, was a Bulgarian Dissident who had made himself unpopular with politicians and communist supporters.

When two such supporters decided to take revenge on Markov, they thought it was only fitting to do so on the birthday of one of his favourite targets – politician Todor Zhivkov.

As Markov was enjoying the fabulous British weather, wandering across London Bridge, another man brushed past him, seemingly innocently nudging him with the tip of his umbrella.

An umbrella that as it turns out had a penetrating tip that contained the deadly poison ricin. Markov obliviously carried on his merry way, only to keel over and die a few hours later, when the murderers and the murder weapon were both far far away.


Number Two: Guitar String

This has earned its place as number two on this list from being plain gory/flat out disturbing. Not only did James Harris murder James Gerety with a guitar string; but he also spent at least two days prior torturing the man horribly after shooting him in the stomach. 

murder guitar string

After Harris finished torturing Gerety, he, in a particularly inventive move, decapitated him with a guitar string. This is some ‘Final Destination’ level of horrifying death. It’s only made creepier by Harris’ girlfriends testimony that Harris then kept the head for weeks for some sort of religious practice that has never been fully explained.

One thing’s for sure though, there’s pretty much only one way that’s more twisted to go than decapitation by guitar string and that brings us to…..


The Weirdest Murder Weapon….

Number One: Death by Dildo

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Ramon Navarro was a star of the silent film era. He shot to fame after Rudolph Valentino’s death to become Hollywood’s biggest sex symbol (ironically, it was Valentino’s present from 45 years earlier that became the murder weapon). 

death by dildo

Navarro was gay, which back in 1940’s America was just as bad as being black, so it’s something Navarro liked to keep to himself. This also meant he had to rely on clandestine sexual encounters to satisfy his libido. One night in 1968, after hiring the two Ferguson brothers from an agency to come to his home, he quickly regretted this decision. 

Having heard that Navarro kept a large amount of cash in his home they decided to rob him. This changed when after hours of Navarro refusing to give information, they chose to kill him instead. Grabbing the lead Art Déco dildo presented to him by Rudolph Valentino, they shoved it down Navarro’s throat, forcing him to choke to death on his own blood.

If that doesn’t sum up Hollywood, I don’t know what will. 

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